Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Post, First Father's Day

Dad left us just in March, and I'm not sure I'm really ready to start this blog, but this is my first fatherless Father's Day and I think I have to start this.

I could not name it "The General" because to me Dad wasn't the General, or even A General.  Yes, I'm not taking anything from his accomplishments, but Dad never commanded anyone as a General, and he had NO stories as a General.

This site is a place to archive Dad's stories, a place to let his grandchildren and great grandchildren to learn his stories, and for the rest of us to remember the stories.  To us, he was Honey, Dad, The Big Cheese, Papa, Captain and many others.  His stories were from those times, those roles.

In defference to my mother, Dad's military accomplishments, and the fact that probably the most devoted fan base is his Scouting family, the web address is

Happy Father's Day Dad.