Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ernie and the Fence

Here is a quick story about my Dad and Ernie (his partner) when Dad was a young police officer.

Dad and Ernie were trying to catch a bad guy.  The young man was really fast, but Dad was young and quick. 

The bad guy ran down an alley and then he started jumping over fences between the back yards.  The first fence was a good solid 6 foot tall wooden one.

He jumped over that first fence quick as a fox.   Dad followed going right over the fence too.

Suddenly from behind them came in explosion.  It was so loud that the bad guy stopped in his tracks and turned to look.  Dad turned too, and as splinters of wood flew past his head he saw Ernie running through the wreckage of what had been the fence.

The shocking sight left the young bad guy unable to continue to run.

After they had him in custody Dad asked Ernie why he didn't just jump the fence.

Ernie said,"Well, I just got to running so fast I couldn't stop."

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  1. Thanks again, Bill, for another great memory of your wonderful Father. Love you. Auntie Char xoxoxoxooxox ;-p