Sunday, July 10, 2016

Showers in the Rain

I have a very short one today.  It is inspired by a conversation I had with my daughters about showering in rainwater.  

I remember a time in my youth when it was raining cats and dogs.  The downspout off the front porch broke, or the gutter just overflowed from the volume of water.  We were all quite frightened by the rain and lightning.  It was a very intimidating summer storm in the middle of the afternoon.

I think the power of the storm and our fear of it was partially why Dad did what he did.  He said rainwater was the best for washing your hair.  He ran into the house and came back with is swim trunks on and a bottle of shampoo.  He stuck his head under the waterfall that was coming past the front porch and happily washed his hair.

It was a little nothing, but very Dad and it stuck with me for some reason.

Does anyone else remember this?  Can they elaborate on it?

It also reminds me of the story about the impromptu shower he and his USMC unit took when they were finally relieved on that island off Taiwan.  
1976 Georgia crew heading home

It also reminds me of the time we were driving back from Dad attending Signal Officer Basic Course in Fort Gordon.  It was late spring  1976 and the snow run-off was still pouring off the mountains.  In Tennessee we stopped along the side of the road and Dad filled up a large thermos of ice cold water.  It was some of the best I ever tasted.

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