Monday, July 18, 2016

Trick of the Teeth

I went to the dentist today for only the second time since I got my braces off in high school and it reminded me of this story.

This is going to sound like my story, but stick with me and I'll explain why it's really Dad's story.

When I was about thirteen I got braces.  Before they could put them on they needed to pull eight baby teeth.  These teeth were never going to come out on there own.  They had full roots and were not deteriorating like normal baby teeth do.  They had to put me under and perform oral surgery to remove them.
Dad, Mom and Brace-face

They used a general anesthesia and put me to sleep.  When I was coming out from under the anesthesia Dad was waiting in the room there with me.

"How'ya feeling, son?"

I suppose I mumbled something like David After the Dentist.

"You know," he said, "they x-rayed your skull.  They needed to find out how much your skull has knit together to see how much growing you are still going to do."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes.  They said you were [unknown to me now] % grown.  By that calculation you will grow to be six foot eight."

"Six eight?  Wow."

"Well, that's just a potential.  You might get to be that tall if you don't do things that would stunt your growth."

"Stunt my growth; like what?"

"You know, like drinking and smoking.  If you want to grow to your full potential no drinking or smoking for you."

I was only thirteen, but I took it to heart.  I did not have any alcohol until I turned twenty one, and I didn't really ever smoke.

Did you spot the Dad part of that story?  I figure they never told Dad any such thing.  He knew me and knew just the challenge I would take up (nearly any) and stick to doggedly.  It was a golden opportunity and Dad never let those pass him by.


  1. Warmed my heart, Bill. I never heard this story before. Very much your Dad. Thanks soooooo much for sharing, Honey. I needed just that, Honey. Love Always, Auntie Char xoxoxoxxoxox

  2. I added a link to the "David After Dentist" video I referenced. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it very highly. It still cracks me up.